Faculty & Staff

I enjoy working with faculty and staff members to advance the strategic goals of the college. The above photo was taken recently at the National Science Foundation's grant writing workshop for faculty in New Orleans, Louisiana. Professor Buffy Quinn is leading a grant proposal to bring a new academic program to Onondaga Community College. She and another faculty member are looking to address a growing industry demand for geospatial technologists and unmanned aerial systems. 


One of my first assignments as an administrator was serving as Executive Dean of Centers at Lone Star College, North Harris. Pictured above was my team of staff and faculty members representing credit and workforce programs. Our first official meeting was held at "Top Golf" where we challenged each other to a few games and we learned more about working styles while setting goals and priorities for the academic year. 

Learning Together

There is absolutely nothing new under the sun. Why recreate the wheel when someone has already done it for you? In an effort to broaden the horizons of our faculty at my current institution, we took a "field trip" from Syracuse, New York to Odessa, Texas to learn about some of the innovative projects done by Odessa College faculty and staff. Faculty attendees received a wealth of information on shortened academic calendars, Open Educational Resources, innovative study spaces, and more! 

Breaking Bread

At the end of every academic year, I host a party at my home for the new full-time faculty. We cook a delicious spread of greasy party food and yummy desserts that will suit anyone's appetite. Administrators and staff members also attend the gathering as a way to show our support to the new faculty at the conclusion of their first year.