higher education · 19. October 2023
I've known women hard at work; women from groundskeepers to presidents and every role in between on college campuses across the country. They share common traits in their industrial DNA of loving students, taking great pride in campus communities, and building a legacy for their families through the dignity of work. Of the many roles women play in the lives of others or in the life of an institution, it is work that gives affirmation of our dreams being the essence of our fierceness. We may...
higher education · 25. July 2020
Your first year as a president is hard. The meetings, events, endless conversations, watching your back 24/7, and learning your new environment is a doozy. Now add a global pandemic, systemic racism, and dwindling budgets to the mix and that is a recipe for cruel and unusual punishment. But you were made for this moment. You love your college, you love what you do, and you are ready to face each challenge one day at a time.
higher education · 25. February 2020
A few years ago I completed my Ancestry DNA as I was curious as to my genetic make-up. For years I was told that we had "Cherokee" in our blood, which was the reason why I was born with so-called "good hair." This claim, however appealing to hear was difficult to confirm. After asking several relatives who was whom and the year of their birth, the details of something other than African American ancestry running through my veins was almost impossible to substantiate. I wanted to see a glimpse...
higher education · 25. January 2020
As a graduate student working on my doctorate degree, I was required to read a book titled Shifting: The Double Lives of Black Women in America. Authors Charisse Jones and Kumea Shorter-Gooden interviewed 400 African American women regarding their experiences as black women in corporate America. The book discusses the survival complex of black women as they navigate mostly white and male spaces from board rooms to the golf course and even within their own spaces among family and friends. It’s...
higher education · 16. October 2019
It's my 35th birthday and I am reflecting and celebrating this moment in time. I am also reflecting on my first 100 days as this period is critical to your future as a community college president. Whatever your goals, whether it is in higher ed administration or in a completely different industry, know that you are WORTHY and that to whom much is given, much is required.
higher education · 08. September 2019
It is time to stop questioning your intelligence. You earned a seat at the proverbial table, so pull up your chair and SIT DOWN with authority, command, and confidence. Be bold and stop questioning your abilities. I found myself second guessing every decision I made and the ones I was planning to make, and I've only been doing this for 70 days. If you want to be an administrator or a leader from where you are, recognize and own your strength because you have what it takes to get the job done.
higher education · 03. August 2019
Working in community colleges can take lots of energy. We give so much of ourselves to students, faculty, and staff on a daily basis. It is not selfish to think about yourself in the midst of phone calls, emails, and meetings. I have struggled with this for years, but it is even more important now that I am a president. De-stress, eat well, exercise, have fun, laugh a lot, breathe, meditate, and take care of you. Find what system works for you and stick to it. Your health is your wealth.
higher education · 20. July 2019
Leadership is living under a microscope. What you wear and how you look will be dissected at every moment. How can you lead and build trust if you are not your authentic self?
higher education · 12. July 2019
Finding the right fit at a college and its community is similar to getting the right pair of jeans. It may be too tight or too loose. You may prefer ripped jeans over a more conservative pair. Once you buy those jeans and try them on, there is no 30 day return policy. This applies to not only the college, but also to the city you live in. Before you submit your application for a presidency or the next opportunity, make sure it is the right fit.
higher education · 05. July 2019
Work-life balance is a real thing. Read more to understand the mistakes I have made and the ways I am working to ensure that my family remains first in my life.

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